Sunday, October 17, 2010

Davis Family Session

The Davis Family was one of my sessions I had this afternoon.  This was an amazing family with the cutest little guy ever!!!  I really enjoyed your session.  Thank you Davis Family!  I hope you enjoy your pictures and here is a sneak peek!

This little guy was so curious about everything and even though his little feet didn't touch he was rocking away!

I think he really enjoyed ridding in the wagon, but not as much as he did pushing it.

They had a great time playing in the leaves.  Little H would pick up the leaves then walk away from me and throw them in the air!  So funny!
  So there is your sneak peek for this family session.  The rest of the pictures will be posted on my website and viewable after the Davis family has placed their order.  Thanks again Davis family!  I had a great time. 
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1 comment:

  1. Awesome~ Helix is a doll isnt he Missy? He's so Funny! I love You Joanna,Alex,And Helix!!! Its technically the Fritz family Joanna is the only Davis,and they are engaged...LOL but im sure she dont mind it.