Saturday, March 26, 2011

Beautiful snow!

The weather was terrible today and I want to hate it, but when I look out my living room window, I just can't help by love the beauty of it.  There is a time in the winter, when you can step outside in the middle of the night and the moon is soo bright.  There is a peace in the air you can just feel.  It should be cold and you should be freezing, but then you step outside, you find you don't even need a coat...I love the winter night where you can walk outside late at night, and the bright of the snow can lead you where you want to go.  Where the quiet calm overtakes you with a peace.  This warm quiet calm only seems to happens about once a winter, and I find myself searching for that night.  This year I missed it, and I almost feel that I lost something this winter.  I know it seems silly but I just can't put into words the way it makes me feel.  There is peace on earth or just maybe in my back yard...but even so, it is something to experience.  My challenge to you would be to watch for this quiet calm next winter, you'll find it by the bright of the night.
Here is a Photo my daughter took a couple years ago and I did some scrap booking with it!

This picture always reminds me of the peace and calm, of the winter night.

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