Sunday, October 17, 2010

So here it first post!

I am really excited about posting pictures to my new blog, and what a great sesssion to start with.  Jon, Sarah and Lyric were so fun to work with.  It was a beautiful evening and we got some amazing photos.  Here is a ~sneak peek~
Lyric was having so much fun with the pumpkins and apples.
Omg he is such a cutie!  He just dropped down in front of me and did amazing!  I love his eyes! Heartbreaker!
There is something about kissing on deserted RR tracks!  Sarah this is beautiful, and Jon awesoommee!
I love this!  Lyric wanted to be in the picture, but kept hiding turned out soo cute.
So cute in fact I had to turn it into a picture of it's own!

Ok so that is all the pictures I have for now.  Keep checking back and subscribe to my blog to get updates when I have something new.  It is going to be a beautiful fall day, and I have two photo sessions!  I am very excited.  One mini session with Mr. Scarecrow and a new client, and the other my first male senior session!  Ok he is not a senior anymore...but he never had them taken and I will be doing that today!  The leaves are soo bright and colorful it is a fantastic background for both session!  Thanks for stopping by, comment and let me know what you think!


  1. I love the new site. cant wait to follow it and see all the wonderfull photos you do and the new and unusual ideas you will be sharing with all of us. Best of luck to you on your new and exciting adventure in photography!
    Love Always Rhonda

  2. The new site looks great. Best of luck on this exciting adventure. No doubt it will be a success.

  3. Amazing job Missy. You have again outdone yourself. i LOVE the new site, blog and pics of the kids... Lyric is so funny. Congratulations and my best to you and all you do with this new hobby (job). Can't wait till there is more posted...
    Love your cousin Paula

  4. Beautiful work, I love this site. You have again accomplished a remarkable task. Your talent is outstanding.

  5. Thanks everyone! I am glad you like it! Mom I am not sure why you are showing up as Anonymous??