Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It seems when we're young, we don't need our parents around, we want to prove ourselves, who we are and what we will become.  As I have gotten older...just a little older, I have found that the moments I have with my parents are very special to me and I cherish every moment I have with them.  Life is too short and our parents have a wealth of knowledge and a lifetime of stories to share.  Some of the best times I have with my parents are when they tell stories from their lives, to hear stories of my history and my heritage.  To hear stories from my dad, that my uncle who is a preacher, was a little bit wild growing up, the stories of my mother's family big as it was...she was the youngest child of 12 and how some of them lived in a tent with a dirt floor, it is priceless information I will cherish forever.  I love the look that only a mom and dad can give to their child, that look of joy.  The brightness in their eye's that lights up when they see you.  I love the beaming smiles, it almost bursting with pride when my children walk into the room.  My parents are a gift I will treasure for ever.  I love you mom and dad!  Thank you so much for being the great parents you are, I am blessed and give thanks every day God gave me to you! 
Where it all began
Because of you, I am
Here are some pictures from my mother's side...Just a little scrap booking.  I plan to do a lot more and haven't even gotten to my fathers side yet.
This is my mother as a baby on the farm!
My mom and grandpa farming in the field.
Some of my uncles!
My mother's grandparents Levi Theopholis and Minnie Etta Smith.

Ok that's all for tonight!


  1. I am the one that is truly blessed! Love you.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your parents, Melissa! They are as lucky to have you as you are to have them!

  3. Thanks ladies! Mom you are still showing up as anonymous! LoL!

  4. Sissy you done a great job! You and Steve are so blessed to have the family you have! I dont think to many ppl can say they have parents as great as Oma and Opa have been to you guys.